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Guaranteed Shivers

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Montreal designer Vincent Leclerc will present the temperature-changing "Frisson" (shivers) necklace at the Seamless fashion event in Boston on January 30th.

Designed by Eski, a business firm that specializes in electronic engineering for designers, the Frisson necklace consists of a series of temperature-changing electronic beads. Each bead is embedded with a microcontroller that autonomously and randomly causes its temperature to fluctuate from hot to cold. "The variations give the wearer an unsettling sensation of shivers", explains the designer.

The "Seamless 2008: computational couture," held at the Boston Museum of Science, is a show where fashionistas and techies gather to present their hybrid creations.

A 2006 graduate of the MIT Media Lab, Vincent Leclerc makes electronic textiles at XS Labs and teaches the integration of electronics to design and to everyday objects at Concordia University.

Translation by Susan Silver