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The invisible cities, followed by emotional frontiers

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There is only one month left to (re)discover the Archi-Fictions exhibit/event, presented at MONOPOLI in the spring of 2006, as it kicks off the last of seven phases on a tour that brought it to the four corners of the island of Montréal.

A travelling exhibit from the Montreal Arts Council, produced and directed by MONOPOLI, the Archi-Fictions pairs six architects with as many novelists to work on a theme and explore the limits of architecture and literature though a text and an installation.

Six Invisible Cities, the theme for this first edition, have been invented and illustrated through images and words by Pierre Thibault and Nicolas Dickner; Peter Soland and Gaétan Soucy; Peter Fianu and Elisabeth Vonarburg; Philippe Lupien and Mathieu Arsenault; Anne Cormier and Monique LaRue; Nicolas Reeves and Jean-François Chassay.

The second edition of Archi-Fictions will be launched next October at MONOPOLI and will challenge 12 more prominent figures to develop the theme of "emotional frontiers".

Archi-Fictions, The Invisible Cities
Maison de la culture Marie-Uguay
6052 Monk
(514) 872-2044
Until Sunday, March 2, 2008

Translation by Susan Silver