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Design for chocoholics

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Chocolate is a material like every other; designers and chocolate makers are increasingly proving this point by combining their skills to create objects that are as attractive as they are edible.

In Barcelona, the capital of creative delicacies, chocolate maker Enric Rovira has enlisted designer Anna Mir to create some of his products. She came up with the Chocodosis plaque. Nothing very complex, but with an elegant and efficient geometry that allows you to pace your indulgences.

The Italian company Lagrange34 was formed from the association of an artisan chocolate maker and the Jjuice design studio. Their first collection, inspired by graphic forms and textures, explores the limits of chocolate as a material.

From France, Arik Levy goes one notch further and adapts his very personal line of Rock furniture to the delicate chocolate forms produced by Parisian pastry maker Gérard Mulot.

But the blending of genres is not a one-way production. The chocolate bar also has its deviations into the design world by taking on the form of soap (from Koreans Sang Woo Nam and Min Soo Kim) or USB keys that fit into each other (Yanko design).

At the latest Milan Furniture Show, the two universes were in complete harmony when Belgian radiator manufacturer Jaga presented Joris Laarman's creation called Heatwave. The well-known curving radiator was on the wall and also . . . in chocolate!

And finally, to celebrate this union, the brand new 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo chose a chocolate theme for its first exhibit, under the direction of Naoto Fukasawa, and showcased the creations of 13 artists who drew their inspiration from the delicious matter.

Transaltion by Susan Silver