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French urbanization in the hot seat

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On January 29, the Observatoire SITQ du développement urbain et immobilier will host architect, city planner and National Superior School of Architecture of Versailles professor Jean-Jacques Terrin, for a discussion entitled "Major stages of French urbanization: from the planned city to the privatized city".

This presentation will provide insight into French urbanization events such as the Paris suburbs crisis of November 2005, the battle between London and Paris for the title of host of the 2012 Olympics, the contest to redevelop Les Halles and the relocation of the Pinault foundation project to Venice.

Terrin will analyze how the development of the subsidiarity and the growing autonomy of local groups impose new strategies that change the roles of local players. He will also explain how the emergence of new global and private operators will profoundly change the framework of city projects.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008, 5pm
Université de Montréal
Amphithéâtre Hydro-Québec
2940 Côte Sainte-Catherine
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Translation by Jennifer Edwards