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GSM brings the Louvre to Singapour

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The Montréal-based GSM Group, which specializes in the design and production of exhibitions, has just mounted the temporary exhibit "Greek Masterpieces from the Louvre" presented at the National Museum of Singapore.

Inaugurated in December 9, the exhibit brings together 130 pieces from the Louvre's collections, including marble sculptures, vases, terracotta figurines and gold jewellery from the 5th to 1st century BC, pieces never before seen in Southeast Asia.

It took two teams of designers, one in Montréal, one in Singapore, more than three months to design a series of sets where plays on shadow and light could assume major roles.

GSM was recently awarded a prize from the Canadian Design Exchange for its "Living Galleries" project: four semi-permanent exhibits that present the history and social evolution of Singapore.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards