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New acquisitions at the MFA

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The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) has just acquired the Veryround chair created in 2006 by the young Danish designer Louise Campbell for the famous design house Zanotta.

Established in 1954, Zanotta has carried some of the most beautiful pieces from the last century, including the "ready-made" stools by Mezzadro, "Sella" by the Castiglioni brothers and the "Neo Liberty" furniture by Gae Aulenti.

The Edizioni collection, which includes the Veryround chair, has been around for 20 years and is distinguished by its neo-artisanal production and poetic accents.

The chair consists of 240 concentric circles laser cut from 2-mm-thick steel sheet frame. The repetition of the circles, from biggest to smallest, creates volume while accentuating the lightness of the piece, reminiscent of origami.

The MFA has also added the UFO Ottoman created by Montréal designer Jaime Bouzalgo from Crear studio to its collection.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards