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New, but like its always been there

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Freshness is the principal idea behind Marché 27: it's as present in the food as it is in the décor.

Designed by Moderno, Marché 27 is a morning-to-night, breakfast-to-cocktails locale for on-the-go gourmets who will find all the typical ingredients of the genre (starting with the logo, designed by Feed studio). There are refrigerated counters, simple furniture and blackboards. Even though everything is new here, the space has already been infused with a history, a timelessness brought about by known, but renewed references.

Besides the enormous and purposefully busy blackboards, the walls arecovered with ceramic, reinforcing the idea of freshness and cleanliness thanks to the mix of white, Parisian metro-style tiles and the retro ones that form colourful lines. The banquette that runs the length of the ceramic wall has no back so as to reinforce contact with the shiny wall and to accentuate the impression of mobility and lightness.

The interplay with the street is important to this corner locale. In order to showcase a place that is cozy and lively, the coffee machine and product shelves were installed close to the window -- a subtle reference from designer Jean-Guy Chabauty to one of his other projects: the fashion store Duo, situated exactly in front.

Marché 27
27 Prince Arthur

Translation by Jennifer Edwards