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Le Comptoir, a place to sample the wares

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In a new Boucherville neighbourhood (one that also hosts Lulu bistro), a gourmet café/grocery store where regional products can be bought and sampled, has just opened its doors.

Designed by Philippe Roy, Le Comptoir makes the most of the new building in which it is housed, including its high ceilings, aluminum structures, concrete floor and huge windows.

Roy's first move was to divide the space with the help of a dynamic diagonal axis that serves as a circulation corridor. On one side, gourmet products are displayed on dark wood furniture pieces, while on the other are refrigeration units. The effect is accentuated by a row of suspended lamps with steel strainer shades.

At the front are the vibrant red food preparation and tasting areas. Touches of this colour can also be found in other corners of the store. The kitchen and counter are sheltered under a suspended ceiling, making them more intimate. On the border of this suspended ceiling and on most of the walls, horizontal black lines resemble a notebook... ready to welcome images and text.

Le Comptoir espace gourmand
1052 Lionel-Daunais

Translation by Jennifer Edwards