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A more relaxed RE/MAX

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Humà Design + Architecture has just completed the interior design of the new lifestyle real estate space for Re/Max, one which seeks to present real estate in a new light.

Seeking to unify the second-floor space overlooking the street with an entrance situated on the ground floor, Humà, in collaboration with the agency Bleublancrouge, created a signature visual dominated by red.

The designers' mandate was to showcase the real estate projects while offering a novel experience.

In response, the Humà team created a course that starts on the sidewalk and leads potential buyers, and the curious, to explore a space with multiple functions, including dissemination, discovery and relaxation.

The entrance allows guests to become familiar with the concept. Then a long wall adorned with interactive screens displays the various real estate projects.

This "information corridor" leads visitors to the heart of the project: the salon. While sitting comfortably, we can peruse brochures and more interactive screens that present a number of real estate projects in more detail.

If interest surpasses curiosity, you can then head to the Bar à projets to consult the data sheets while sipping an espresso. You can also head to the library, which presents sample floor plans on 8' high panels.

The agent offices, which typically occupy the entirety of these spaces, are relegated to the back, behind closed doors.

Design: Stéphanie Cardinal, Stéphanie Castonguay, Marie-Claude Cantin and Christine Ménard
Architecture: Patrick Tardif

Translation by Jennifer Edwards