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Luxury by another name

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Luxeland, is the new Christmas theme of the gallery/boutique Commissaires, a space where luxury is far from conventional, never ostentatious and always full of surprises.

In France, Commissaires unearthed the delicate glass works of Laurence Brabant and his transparent blown glass molded into pure forms.

In the Netherlands, designer Ineke Hans has received much recognition for her Cinderella tablecloth, which, although giving the impression of being a traditional object, was actually created thanks to the embroidering talents of a computer. The tablecloth has two sides: there's the simple side with its folkloric leanings and the luxurious side reminiscent of damask textiles.

Also from the Netherlands, is the glass tableware of Aldo Bakker. Here again purity dominates these extremely elegant glasses.

In Iceland, a design collective is showcasing its country's wool by creating original pieces inspired by their culture. Vik Prjonsdottir's "Sealpelts" are sleepers for adults inspired by the Icelandic legend. They're fun and really snug.

Finally, the Christmas poster, which features a constellation of stars, has once again been designed by Paprika, adding itself to an already sought-after collection.

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Translation by Jennifer Edwards