La référence des professionnels
des communications et du design

A well-packaged design show

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There may well be a little bit of everything at the Salon des métiers d'art du Québec, a dizzying panoply of thousands of colours and textures, but, in order to create a bright and cohesive space for this very popular event, particular attention was paid this year to the visual environment.

Right from the entrance, the eye is drawn to the big illuminated board on which the names of all the artisans in attendance are presented. Small red dots sandwich the names, forming a scintillating garland, very festive, but not at all kitschy.

Red is omnipresent and totally absorbed into the interior design created by Champigny Raymond and rendered into the signature graphic design of Annick Burion.

Illuminated monoliths structure the space bordering the walkways of the show, allowing a clear reading of the information that impart. An immense, mirror-covered box serves as a giant contest ballot box with slots illuminated from the inside. And the walkways themselves are identified by suspended illuminated white boxes that create a pleasant, well-lit trail.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards