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On the road to Milan

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Being invited to Milan's famed Salone Satellite is the dream of every young designer, which explains why the Montréal collective Samare is so happy to be selected amongst thousands of submissions to be a part of the young international design showcase.

The Milan Furniture Fair is the most important and most prestigious design event in the world, and for visitors, Satellite is a must-attend event. Journalists go to sniff out the trends and the big design houses go to recruit the next talents. A unique visibility is assured.

Samare (taking its name from the helicopter fruit of the maple) is composed of Laurie Bedikian, Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, Manai Bedikian and Patrick Meirim De Barros. Reinterpreting Canadian cultural icons into contemporary objects, their work's creative process includes sustainable development and the integration of ancestral artisanal methods. With this mix of heritage and modernity, Samare has found its voice, one that takes shape in a first collection that employs a technique invented by the first inhabitants of eastern Canada in the fabrication of snowshoes.

Each object of the collection has a steel skeleton around which long leather strips are weaved. The Huron tribe near Québec City does this work. The juxtaposition of these materials lends the objects a supple and stable character as well as a completely original personaility.

With this approach, Samare puts forth a design that is securely anchored in its homeland while also being completely contemporary.

Take note: the group is still seeking support (logistical and financial) to help them take full advantage of their Milan trip.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards