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A royal (food) court

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Designed by Ruscio Studio, Chicoutimi's new food market, "La Place du royaume," was once no more than a cafeteria. Situated in a shopping centre in Saguenay/Lac-Saint-Jean and dating from the early eighties, the space was in need of some major renovations.

The transformation's challenges were many, including increasing the seating capacity and dressing up the space with a warmer and more modern decor.

Opting for a design that mixes contemporary and traditional, Ruscio created a space with a seating capacity of 720, divided into several zones. These zones are joined together by curbed circulation paths that add to the space's functionality.

The finishes, moldings and decorative accessories (columns and chandeliers), along with the light fixtures and foyer, create a subtle combination of styles that date from 18th century boudoir to a more refined modern influence.

During the day, skylights bring much brightness to the space, while at night, artificial lights installed in the banquettes and the vases create an almost-subdued ambiance.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards