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One office, two addresses, four architects

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ACDF may seem like one of the usual acronyms given to architects' offices, but behind these initials are four men who have pooled their talents and know-how for the cause of a greater Québéc architecture.

As is often the case, the creation of an office is the fruit of chance, of meetings and of agreements (and disagreements) that are put into place by professional movements.

At ACDF, many identities and histories now form just one. There are still two offices however, one in Montréal and one in St-Hyacinthe.

Sylvain Allaire and Guy Courchesne are the two first players of this entity. Located in St-Hyacinthe, they have been working on institutional architectural projects in Quebec, Ontario and abroad since 1987. 

Behind the D is a well-known figure of Montréal architecture. Benoit Dupuis is one of the co-founders of the defunct firm Dupuis-Letourneux to which we owe the famous Phase 8 building of the Cité Multimédia. Finally, the F is the youngest recruit: Maxime Frapper spent more than six years at Saucier+Perrotte before becoming one of the group's four associates.

With many projects on the go, it won't be long before we see the first ACDF creation rise from the ground.

For Abu Dhabi, a city and one of the United Arab Emirates, the group is designing a hotel and residential complex that incorporates the geological context of its site. The effect is like a mirage floating above the city. For the construction of Collège Notre-Dame de Montréal's sporting facility, ACDF is proposing a site development concept that clarifies the circulation between all the buildings of the school, the Notre-Dame centre and the neighbouring buildings.

Quadra Chemicals asked ACDF to design its future Montréal headquarters. Dealing in the marketing and distribution of specialty and common chemical products, Quadra Chemicals needs a new building as efficient as it is contemporary. On a completely different note, the motherhouse of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Sherbrooke, located on the St-François River, will expand with two new wings. Other projects have been recently added: the St-Constant municipal library and the St-Germain sewer and aqueducts building in St Hubert.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards