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To each their own at the Oxxford

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The Oxxford is a residential project that proposes a brand new way to buy a lifestyle space; one that is inspired by fashion and one of our best designers: Philippe Dubuc.

Installed in an old pant-making factory (that's where the name comes from), the Oxxford distinguishes itself by its marketing approach, which is also reflected in the design of the lofts.

Interior designer Christian Bélanger conceived of the spaces in direct collaboration with fashion designer Philippe Dubuc. Instead of presenting potential buyers with a palette of finishes and colours in a sales space, they try to engage them in an ambiance and concept that resembles them.

Resembling fashion's look books, huge panels showcase an array of images and colours. There are five panels to reflect the five loft styles: Nomade, Express, Visionnaire, Puriste and Robuste.

It's up to the customers to make their choice, but also to leave some room for surprise. Since the fabrics and colours are not interchangeable, the loft can only be acquired as is.

It's because the place is so small (only 23 units) that it can allow itself to take such a position. This is only strengthened by choices that are coherent and seductive: simple, raw materials and neutral colours (white, black and grey). A few lofts are particularly spectacular due to size, a two-floor layout or a particularly sexy bathroom.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards